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Current Events

Thales Defense & Security, Inc. Receives Cogswell Award

Current Events

Thales Defense & Security, Inc. was awarded the 2020 James S. Cogswell Outstanding Industrial Security Achievement Award. This year, 61 facilities were chosen to receive this award from approximately 12,500 cleared facilities, representing less than 1% of cleared contractors.

The annual Cogswell Award recognizes those cleared contactors who have implemented and adhered to a “best of the best” industrial security program. The award is the most prestigious honor the Department of Defense can bestow to cleared contractors who consistently and at the highest level, demonstrate a commitment to excellence and leadership in the Industrial Security community. The award criterion focuses on the principles of industrial security excellence. Factors include establishing and maintaining a security program that exceeds basic National Industrial Security Program requirements, and provides leadership to other cleared facilities in establishing best practices while maintaining the highest standards for security. We are honored to receive this notable award.

PDF Version Of DCSA Press Release Here (138kb)