The infantrymen of D Company, 1-158 infantry Regiment, Bushmasters conduct a live fire exercise of the Tube launched, Optically tracked, wire guided missile system on the Yuma Proving Grounds in south western Arizona June 16. D Company, the heavy weapons company of the battalion, fired both a day and night iteration to better familiarize gunners with the TOW missile weapons platform. The Bushmasters ended their training with over a 95 hit percentage. (U.S. Army National Guard photo by Sgt. Adrian Borunda/Released)

Superiority on the battlefield requires cutting-edge solutions.  The Sensor & Missiles Systems business area offers these solutions with operational technologies that aid in Lethality and Platform Survivability, including:


  • Thermal Weapon Sights
  • Cooled and Uncooled Thermal Imagers
  • Driver Visual Enhancement (DVE) Systems
  • Laser Designation and Range Finding
  • Cutting-Edge Local Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Optical and Acoustic Hostile Fire Indication (HFI)
  • Force Protection Solutions
  • TOW-2 Missile Fuzing System
  • Paveway IV Laser-Guided Weapon System