Our highly reliable High Frequency (HF) communications systems support both shipborne and fixed-station platforms used by the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard (USCG).  Thales is proud to be the HF system of choice for the USCG to include the new Sentinel Class Fast Response Cutter.  Our systems are provide 2G ALE and 110B capability supporting 1 kW, 500W and 125W circuits with vertically polarized and NVIS antenna solutions.  Our existing systems aboard the USCG cutters (125W and 1 kW) are JITC-certified to ensure COTHEN interoperability.

Thales is the HF system of choice for the US Navy’s HF modernization High Frequency Distributed Amplifier Group (HFDAG) program which provides robust, high-power shipborne HF capabilities aboard Aegis DDG-51, Amphibious Assault (LHA), Ticonderoga Class CG-47, and Nimitz CVN68 and Gerald R. Ford CVN-78 Class Aircraft Carriers.  Thales also provides our shipborne, high-power HF systems into the US Navy’s most preeminent ship programs including Zumwalt Class DDG-1000 and Independence Class LCS-2.

Thales continues to invest in the latest HF technologies and standards.  Our newest EVO product range is an evolution to our existing fielded products.  In this way, our customers are able to upgrade their existing systems to support the new standards.  The new radio, MSN8200, and new HF modem/ALE Controller, TRC-1774, implement the latest 3G standards and include the roadmap to the new wideband data standards.

  • MSN8200 HF Software Defined Radio
  • TMR8090 Series HF Transceiver
  • TMR3300 Series ALE Controller
  • TMR6490 Remote Control Unit
  • TMR1096 125W Power Amplifier
  • PA8100 500W and 1kW Power Amplifiers
  • ACU51 1kW Antenna Coupler
  • TMR4095/4096 125W Antenna Couplers
  • TMR4097 125W Coupler/ATU
  • CA6000 Broadband Transmit Antenna Combiner
  • MCU6400 HF Receive Multicoupler