Combat Management System (CMS)

 TACTICOS – Thales’ TACTICOS is serving in over 178 ships (from small patrol craft to full-size frigates and destroyers) in the navies of over 23 countries.  Modern open standards technology coupled with proven, pre-integrated interfaces for leading naval sensors, fire control and weapon systems, make TACTICOS the naval warfighter’s preferred mission management solution.

One CMS for Warfighting and Maritime Security Operations 
With its certified openness and scalability of the underlying architecture, Thales delivers a modular Combat Management System, matched to a variety of mission profiles and to a variety of vessel types.

Based on a recognized fire control capability worldwide, TACTICOS combines Combat Operations and Maritime Security Operations in one CMS. Open standards technology and a massive amount of subsystems interface implementations, make TACTICOS the core of the mission solution. With new looks and new features which are carefully designed for mission packages and are released according to the TACTICOS roadmap. This year’s release enables customers to:

  • Set up networks in coalitions with secure internet access with ease
  • Quickly recognize traffic trends and anomalous behavior
  • Discover relations between contacts of interest emitting AIS and ADS-B
  • See compact and light-weight consoles fitting large and small naval vessels
  • Apply 3D net-centric training integrated in TACTICOS.

Click here to download the Thales TACTICOS Datasheet