AN/PRC-148E Spear

The AN/PRC-148E Spear is the smallest and lightest multiband handheld radio available today.

Product Literature


The AN/PRC-148E Spear radio offers all of the existing functionality of the combat proven AN/PRC-148 JEM in a reduced size. This small, lightweight, rugged package equips users with command and control communications with the smallest, lightest, and most widely-fielded tactical handheld radio covering the 30-512 MHz frequency range.

The AN/PRC-148E Spear’s programmable cryptography supports the requirements of the National Security Agency’s (NSA) crypto modernization program and is certified by NSA. The AN/PRC-148E Spear provides the reliability that warfighters have trusted for many years with more than 300,000 AN/PRC-148 family of tactical radios fielded.

Key Features:

  • Type-1 certified programmable encryption
  • Engine (AIM)
  • 2M/20M Immersible
  • Simple, Intuitive HMI
  • 256 Programmable Presets