Javelin Radio
Thales AN/PRC-170 Javelin V2 Data Sheet
Thales AN/PRC-170 Javelin Capabilities Sheet

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MANET Handheld Radio
Small Form Factor Radio with TSM™ Waveform

AN/PRC-170 Javelin is a rugged, small, and lightweight single-channel radio that provides Warfighters with tactical command and control communications in a variety of challenging radio-operating environments. Using the TSM waveform, AN/PRC-170 Javelin provides wideband MANET coverage, regardless of the environment, and superior voice and data communications across harsh multipath and highly dynamic environments, such as shipboard, caves and urban operational settings. AN/PRC-170 Javelin is interoperable with the IMBITR 2-channel Leader Radio, and other third party radios running the TSM waveform.


The AN/PRC-170 Javelin, like the namesake spear used by the Romans, provides the soldier
with a highly effective radio alternative to other heavier and more complex solutions today. The
AN/PRC-170 Javelin radio system is the smallest, lightest and longest running (up to 70 hours)
TSM radio providing the soldier with critical tactical communications.
Operational Advantages:

  • Simultaneous voice, PLI and data via the TSM Type 3 AES encrypted waveform.
  • Only single channel TSM with onboard audio.
  • Extended operational hours via broad range of battery options.
  • Simplest fielded configuration – no additional adapters for integration with NW.
  • Integrated power management supports direct cable connection to the Integrated Tactical Network (ITN) tactical components (EUD/headset and battery solutions)

The AN/PRC-170 Javelin is currently providing soldiers with 30+ hours of operational run time within the Army’s fielded
ITN. With built in flexibility, operational run times of up to 70+ hours are possible. Reducing the soldier load and
optimizing run time is critical to providing the best solutions to dismounted operations.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous Voice, PLI and Data Transport
  • Embedded GPS
  • Type-3 AES 256 Encryption
  • Supports UHF, Upper UHF, L and S Band Communications
  • Future Waveforms: NB Voice
  • 32 Talk Groups
  • Integrated Nett Warrior Power and Data Connector
  • Removable/Re-chargeable Battery
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion 3.5 Ah
  • Compliant with the Universal Battery Charger (UBC) Family of Tactical Chargers

Technical Specifications

Physical Parameters

Length: 5.2 inches (13.21 cm) (excluding antennas)
Width: 2.6 inches (6.60 cm) (with battery attached, excluding antennas)
Depth: 1.8 inches (4.57 cm)
Weight: 1.25 pounds Radio and Battery (567 g)

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature: -31° to +55° C
Storage Temperature: -33° to +71° C
Immersion: 2M

Waveforms/Modes of Operation


  • Infrastructure-less MANET
  • High-speed wireless IP networking
  • Self-Forming, self-healing
  • Scalable to 200+ nodes
  • Robust in harsh environments
  • Fast, seamless network join/merge
  • Instant adaptation to network topology change

Wideband Channel

Transmit Power: Up to 2 watt
Operating Frequencies: L-UHF: 225–450 MHz, U-UHF: 698–970 MHz, L/S Bands: 1250–2600 MHz
Network Throughput: up to 16 Mbps
Encryption Security: AES-256
Dedicated PTT Voice Channels: supports up to 32 talk groups, AMR 5.9 or MELPe
Occupied Bandwidth: 1.2–40 MHz
Net entry time <1 sec
Supports up to 8 hops for voice and data
Scalable to 200+ nodes in a single RF channel
Multiple simultaneous streaming videos
Position Location Information (PLI) support with Cursor-on-Target (CoT)
OTA Remote Control



Thales AN/PRC-170 Javelin Battery

Size: .94 x 2.48 x 3.5 inches
Battery cell count: 3
Operating time: 10–12 hours
Part number: 4103231-501

Adapter with Cells

Thales AN/PRC-170 Javelin Adapter With Cells

In Development
Size: 1.67 x 2.7 x 4.34 inches
Battery cell count: 3 (adapter
only) or 9 (used with 6
cell battery)
Operating time: 10–12 hours
(adapter only); 30–36 hours
(with 6 cell battery)
Part number: 4103240-501

Conformal Wearable
Battery (CWB)

Thales AN/PRC-170 Javelin Conformal Battery

Size: .07 x 7.60 x 8.70 inches
Operating time: 28–34 hours

Nett Warrior Kit

Thales AN/PRC-170 Javelin Nett Warrior Kit

Adapter (no cells)
and 148 Battery

Thales AN/PRC-170 Javelin Adapter and 148 Battery

Size: 1.67 x 2.7 x 4.34 inches
Operating time: 20–24 hours
Part number: 4103258-501