ClearConnect Vehicle Package (C2VP)


The Thales ClearConnect Vehicle Package (C2VP) directly addresses the following Mobile Command Post objectives:

  • Operational Mobility
  • Survivability and
  • Full Spectrum Collaboration

First and foremost, the Thales C2VP integrates Thales Core Technologies and our technology partners into a System of Systems architecture that allows a Mission Command Platform (MCP) to address resilient connectivity and utilize hyper-converged routing, switching and computing to decrease the time it takes to re-constitute Command and Staff after movement.

To maintain the pace and tempo of a combined arms maneuver, numerous factors must be considered and addressed within a Mission Command Platform (MCP). There are several integral components that must be present within a MCP in order to achieve operational mobility:  Assured Communication – The ability to transmit, in-spite of enemy cyber operations, Data Elasticity – the ability to create, store and mine data across MCP nodes, and Data Transformation – the ability to broker data into a consumable format, and disseminate by any available communications link. Thales’ C2VP orchestrates these integral components to produce decisive mobile mission command. The components of Thales’ C2VP include:

  • Global Connectivity. The Thales MissionLINK™ Terminal offers on-the-move, Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) connectivity anywhere in the world using the Iridium Next constellation of low earth orbiting satellites. This link provides both data and voice communications that can be used to disseminate sensor feeds, or provide command and control reach back, globally with no re-configuration required.
  • Elastic Networking. Elastic Networking is the integration of Networking, Transport, and Storage components so that the network can spontaneously be stretched or compressed and then return to a normal state of operation without user intervention. C2VP uses Software Defined Wide Area Networking along with the various transmission paths provided by MissionLINK™, the IMBTR multi-channel vehicle radio solutoion with Tactical scalable MANET, Silvus MIMO for high-throughput vehicle-to-vehicle on-the-move connectivity and LTE to assure Mission Command rebounds, regardless of the disruption.
  • Vehicle Communications Framework. The SOTAS system provides the vehicle electronics (VETRONICS) BUS fabric to seamlessly integrate users, sensors, transmission means and displays within the vehicle. When MissionLINK™ is integrated into this fabric, hosted application and telephony devices have worldwide access to the cloud as well as military and commercial telephony grids. When the AN/VRC-132 IMBITR VAA is integrated into this fabric, the vehicle become a tactical Internet access point for warfighters in and around the vehicle.
  • Distributed Clustering – Through the use of Elastic no-SQL data stores, multiple MCP nodes can work as one to form data clusters and share non-relational command and control data that can be aggregated and mined.
  • Data Transformation – Through Flowfile technology, mined clustered data can be transformed into formats that can be consumed by un-like information systems data over any transmission media available.