Thales’ extensive portfolio of advanced, state of the art radars provide superior detection, identification, tracking and targeting capabilities in all domains (land, sea, air and space) against the most demanding target sets and all weather conditions.  Whether the requirement is for situational awareness, traffic management, navigation or combat engagement, Thales’ radar solutions support the full range of land-based, land-mobile, seaborne, and airborne operations.

Airborne Tactical Surveillance Radar

I-Master Datasheet

I-Master Brochure

I-Master is a compact, lightweight airborne surveillance radar that delivers proven benefits over traditional visual based sensors, such as all-weather surveillance, pattern of life monitoring, change detection and wide area coverage.

It has the ability to accurately detect and locate moving and stationary targets at long stand-off ranges over land and sea.

Key Features:

  • 360° surveillance capability minimizes the need of repositioning the aircraft during surveillance and enables you to still maintain contact with the target
  • Single 15” gimbal unit that is simple to install, puts minimal demand on aircraft systems allowing for more time on mission
  • Unique geo-location accuracies increase confidence in precisely locating targets of interest quickly
  • See in detail areas of interest with ultra-fine Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery
  • Detect slow moving targets, such as people walking who can be detected and tracked
  • See changes not detected by the human eye or camera imagery
  • Use different modes to track moving targets, get imagery through cloud or even see areas of ground disturbance
  • Benefit from high-performance surveillance capability on multiple aircraft types



Airborne Multi-Role Surveillance Radar


Thales’ answer to multi-role mission is the SEARCHMASTER radar which employs the latest technology available to deliver the most advanced performance.

SEARCHMASTER multi-role surveillance radar offers the highest level of operational performance, whatever the mission or host platform. In the maritime space, ultra-quiet submarines pose a continuing threat, whilst the use of small fast-attack craft and jet skis by pirates and other illegal operators is an increasingly serious concern. In large land areas, search and track a small moving vehicle or fixed objects of interest or along extensive borders is a great challenge while in the air there is an increasing need for surveillance against illegal traffic using small aircraft.

Key features

  • High performance to fulfil Anti-Surface Warfare, Anti-Submarine Warfare, Maritime and EEZ Surveillance, Search and Rescue, Ground Surveillance and Mapping (SAR, GMTI), Air Surveillance and Homeland Security missions.
  • Latest AESA technology to reduce flight hours, life cycle cost and repair with software growth potential.
  • Market leading performance-to-weight and performance-to-affordability ratios.
  • ITAR free



  • Above Water Sensors
    • SMART-S Mk2 – 3D Radar – SMART-S is a solid state, s-band, pulse-doppler radar that combines both surface and air surveillance in one system.  It excels at tracking fast, stealth targets and is ideally suited for frigates, corvettes and smaller amphibious ships.
    • SMART-L 3D Multi-Mission/Naval Radar – Designed to provide long-range air & surface surveillance and target designation, Thales’ Smart-L is a fully programmable, digitally controlled Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar.  With an unrivalled range of 2000 km, and ability to look forward, backward and stare, it can detect and track, from horizon to zenith, a wide spectrum of targets: air breathing targets, stealth targets and ballistic missiles.
    • NS Series – 4D Radar – Thales’ NS series radars provides an S-Band, 4D (azimuth, elevation, range & full doppler) surveillance radar.  The NS Series combines AESA technology with dual axis multi-beam processing in a modular, scalable architecture.  NS Series radars can be sized to meet the constraints and requirements of all classes of naval surface combatants; from small MCMs and OPVs, to the largest and most formidable “ships of the line”.
    • SCOUT Mk 3 – Thales’ 2-D medium range LPI radar is optimized to detect very small objects in high sea states or in close proximity to larger objects, and low-level air targets.  SCOUT Mk3 offers automatic detection and tracking, helicopter and UAV approach and guidance, as well as a high availability and low life-cycle costs.
    • Gatekeeper – Gatekeeper is a passive, “staring” uncooled IR/TV surveillance system that provides continuous 24 hour, day and night, 360° panoramic visual overview of own ship’s surrounding environment. A typical Gatekeeper system will have 4 sensor units, each comprising an IR sensor and three TV cameras with a combined viewing azimuth of 120°.
    • Artemis/Omnistare – Artemis/Omnistare is a passive, “staring”, cooled EO/IR system, which provides 360° panoramic, wide-elevation surveillance around the installed platform. The system can detect and track maneuvering, fast, low-flying, stealth threats.  It can be installed as a stand-alone or integrated into existing combat or situational awareness systems.



  • Fire Control Directors
    • STIR (Signal Tracking and Illuminating Radar) – Thales’ STIRs are medium to long range tracking and illumination radar designed to support all caliber naval guns, point defense missile systems and area defense missile systems.  Thales’ STIRs are highly accurate, reliable, and have extensive ECCM capabilities. The radars are available in both 1.2 meter and 2.4 meter dish diameters, and can be configured to include an optional EOIR sensor.
    • Mirador – Mirador is an EO/IR surveillance, tracking and fire control system comprising two daylight TV cameras (surveillance & tracking), an IR camera (tracking), and an eye-safe laser range finder.  MIRADOR is capable of automatic target acquisition and provides very accurate fire control data for small and medium caliber guns, and short range missile systems.



  • Electronic Warfare
    •  VIGILE – Using Thales’ patented Wideband Digital Receiver technology, VIGILE provides unparalleled multi-simultaneous electronic signal reception and identification performance in dense, complex RF environments and delivers leading performance and 100% POI even in the presence of interfering emitters such as 3G/4G mobile phone transmitters and multi-function radars.



  • Anti-Submarine Warfare
    • Dipping Sonars – Thales’ has delivered over 400 of its helicopter-borne dipping sonar systems to the navies of 10 countries.  The US Navy operates well over 100 systems known as the Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS) or AN/SQS-22) aboard their MH-60R helicopter fleet.  Elsewhere, the system is known as FLASH and is flying aboard 5 different makes/models of helicopters.