Thales’ line of modular battery chargers are configured to charge a wide range of military and commercial batteries. These chargers are fully operational in tactical environments and provide advanced features, such as State of Health, State of Charge, and dynamic power distribution for every installed battery.

The Universal Battery Charger (UBC) is a modular solution that’s designed to charge handheld and manpack batteries, such as the BB-2590, PRC-148, PRC-152, BB-390, and conformal batteries.

The Universal Battery Charger – Lite (UBC-Lite) – The expeditionary Universal Battery Charger Lite (UBC-Lite) provides a charging platform for a wide range of military batteries.

The Modular Bulk Charger (MBC) can charge 34 batteries simultaneously, which equates to 32 PRC-148 or PRC-152 batteries, and two BB-2590 batteries.

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