AN/VRC-111 20 Watt Vehicle Adapter Amplifier

The AN/VRC-111 20 Watt Vehicle Adapter Amplifier (VAA) is a COTS/NDI, electrical and mechanical fixture combining the functionality of the battle-proven AN/PRC-148 Multiband Inter/Intra Team Radio (all MBITR and JEM configurations) and Vehicle Adapter into a system that offers an alternative to existing SINCGARS vehicular installations.

Product Literature


The AN/VRC-111 20 Watt VAA consists of two AN/PRC-148 radios, two Vehicle Adapters, and an electrical/mechanical interface tray that facilitates direct installation into military vehicles outfitted with SINCGARS Installation Kits (IKs) utilizing Mounting Base MT-6352. The 20 Watt VAA, when installed in combination with a SINCGARS IK, enables power amplified (20 Watt per Vehicle Adapter), co-site filtered, SINCGARS performance as well as operation with the SINCGARS IKs audio devices and vehicular intercom systems such as the VIC-3. Rapid, cable-free radio dismount in less than 2 seconds is enabled with single push-button action. Capability beyond basic SINCGARS functionality is available through replacement of the standard antenna provided in the SINCGARS IK with a readily available COTS, 30-512 MHz broadband antenna. The VAA is rugged, constructed to withstand harsh weather conditions and ballistic shock.

Key Features

  • Contiguous 30-512 MHz Coverage
  • 20 W RF Output (50 W version also available)
  • Installs onto Existing MT-6352 Mounting Tray
  • Powered Through Existing SINCGARS Mounting Tray
  • No Additional RF or Power Cable Installation Required
  • Compatible with Existing SINCGARS Vehicle Antennas (Provided Separately)
  • Supports and Maintains All Functionality of All Configurations of the AN/PRC-148 Radio, Including MBITR and JTRS Enhanced MBITR (JEM)
  • Full Configuration: Consists of two AN/PRC-148 Radios, two Vehicle Adapters, and Interface Tray (also available without AN/PRC-148 radios)