20 Watt Vehicle Adapter

The compact, rugged Vehicle Adapter (VA) for the combat-proven AN/PRC-148 family of radios provides 20 Watts of RF power amplification across the full 30-512 MHz frequency band.

Product Literature


The VA opens up a broad range of secure and anti-jamming voice and data applications for the most advanced handheld radio in operation. Weighing 12 pounds with the radio installed, the VA can be easily integrated into air, land, and sea-based platforms. The VA chassis provides interfaces for power sources, antennas, intercoms, and data devices. The internal battery charger recharges the Lithium-Ion battery of the radio, allowing a user to dismount the radio from the VA fully charged and immediately operational. The VA enables cable-free radio dismounting within two seconds. The Removable Control Head with LCD display provides remote control of all radio functions and includes a microphone and a connector for an audio accessory. A tunable 30-512 MHz co-site filter system, integrated within the chassis, reduces interference between co-located units. This greatly enhances the performance of two co-located VAs serving as either independent radios or as a repeater for forwarding the signals of compatible radios. Rapid, seamless transition from mounted to dismounted operations without losing communications.


Key Features

  • Contiguous 30-512 MHz Coverage
  • 20 W RF Output
  • Integrated Tunable Harmonic Filters
  • Integrated Tunable Co-site Filters
  • Environmentally Rugged
  • Removable Control Head for Full Function Remote Operations
  • Cable-free Radio Dismount Capability in Less Than 2 Seconds
  • Supports and Maintains All Functionality of All Configurations of the AN/PRC-148 Radio, Including MBITR and JTRS Enhanced MBITR (JEM)