AN/VRC-113 50 Watt Cradle Vehicle Adapter

The compact, rugged Cradle Vehicle Adapter (CVA) for the combat-proven AN/PRC-148 family of multiband inter/intra team radios provides 50 Watts of RF power amplification from 30-88 MHz and 20 Watts of RF power amplification from 89-512 MHz.

Product Literature


The CVA provides extended range for the most advanced handheld radio in operation. Having a low profile weighing 16 pounds with the radio installed, the CVA can be easily integrated into air, land, and sea-based platforms. The CVA chassis provides interfaces for power sources, antennas, intercoms, and data devices. The front panel of the radio provides full function operations. The internal battery charger recharges the radio’s Lithium-Ion battery. Users can dismount the radio from the CVA within two seconds – cable free, fully charged, and immediately operational.

Key Features

  • Contiguous 30-512 MHz Coverage
  • 50 Watts RF Output 30-88 MHz
  • 20 Watts RF Output 89-512 MHz
  • Integrated Harmonic Filters
  • Programmable Cosite Filtering
  • Low Profile for Space Constrained Installation
  • Environmentally Rugged – Meets MIL-STD-810
  • Full Function Radio Operations from Front Panel
  • Cable-free Radio Dismount Capability in Less Than 2 Seconds