AN/VRC-132(V)1 IMBITR Vehicle Adapter Amplifier

The AN/VRC-132(V)1 is a Vehicle Adapter Amplifier designed to extend the range of the 2-channel IMBITR handheld radio by providing 20 Watts amplification on both the narrowband SINCGARS/AM/FM channel and TSMwideband channel. This amplification is provided simultaneously making the AN/VRC-132(V)1 a true 2-channel radio system.

Product Literature


The AN/VRC-132(V)1 is jointly developed by Thales and Ultralife, the AN/VRC-132(V)1 and provide TSM™ waveform in a system capable of vehicular integration Software programmable/upgradeable.  Allowing access to both channels of the AN/VRC-132(V)1 audio for integration with Vehicle Intercom Systems.  Integrated ruggedized USB connections for data and control, and an optional adapter eases the connection via Ethernet for in-vehicle network connectivity.  The AN/VRC-132(V)1 is compatible with standard vehicular mounting trays and intercom systems.

Key Features

  • Provides simultaneous amplification for both channels of the IMBITR family of radios (TH310/315, TH5310/5315)
  • 20 W power output on both channels
  • Maintains primary battery charge while radio is inserted in VAA