Man Portable System

The new and improved Man Portable System is a compact, rugged amplification system which expands the capabilities of the AN/PRC-148 family of radios and secures a reliable communications link over greater distances.

Product Literature


Providing 20 Watts of RF power amplification across the full 30-512 MHz frequency band, the Man Portable System opens up a broad range of secure and anti-jamming voice and data applications. The rucksack that houses the system is reconfigurable into three modes: backpack, shoulder strap, and handle strap. In addition to the system components, the Man Portable System has the capacity to store additional batteries, antennas, and other accessories. On-the-Move Portable Solution for the Warfighter.

Key Features

  • Contiguous 30-512 MHz Coverage
  • 20 W RF Output
  • Single or Dual Battery Configurations
  • Environmentally Rugged
  • Reconfigurable Manpack
  • Supports and Maintains All Functionality of All Configurations ofthe PRC6809, AN/PRC-148 Radio, Including MBITR and JTRS Enhanced MBITR (JEM)