20 Watt Base Station

Packaged in a rugged, easily transportable transit case weighing less than 60 pounds, the compact Base Station leverages the field-proven handheld radio and vehicular AN/PRC-148 products to provide a low-risk, high-performance solution for command post and base operations communications requirements.


Product Literature


The power-boosting Base Station for the combat-proven AN/PRC-148 family of radios provides a cost-effective fixed site configuration. The Base Station provides 20 Watts of RF power amplification across the full 30-512 MHz frequency band while allowing for a wide range of AC and DC input power sources. With a common human machine interface, users familiar with any of the AN/PRC-148 family products can immediately operate the Base Station. This commonality also translates into a simpler sustainment concept and faster repair times because fewer elements need to be stocked for field or depot repair. This results in lower life cycle costs to support the Base Station as well as the complete AN/PRC-148 family of products.  Full AN/PRC-148 and Vehicle Adapter functionality for fixed applications.

Key Features

  • Contiguous 30-512 MHz Coverage
  • 20 W RF Output
  • Integrated Tunable Harmonic Filters
  • Integrated Tunable Co-site Filters
  • Environmentally Rugged
  • Removable Control Head for Full Function Remote Operations
  • Cable-free Radio Dismount Capability in Less Than 2 Seconds