TRC6730B 50 Watt Tactical Repeater

The Tactical Repeater is a suitcase configuration that houses two Vehicle Adapters functioning together as a repeater.

Product Literature


Integrating two AN/PRC-148 or PRC6809 handheld radios, it significantly increases the performance range of VHF/UHF radio net operations when extended radio linkage is required or where obstacles are present that normally preclude line-of-sight communications. It is capable of supporting both voice and data, secure and clear operations. Repeater mode will retransmit cryptographic signals, but will not decrypt signals. Base station mode supports encrypting/decrypting signals. Commonality of components and the proven MA7134 core Vehicle Adapter Amplifier platform enable increased range performance.

Key Features

  • Contiguous 30-512 MHz Coverage*
  • 50W 30-87.975 MHz
  • 20W 88-512 MHz
  • Repeater Mode and Base Station Mode
  • Rugged Transport Case
  • Bi-directional Operation for Simplex Net Linking
  • Removable Control Heads for Full Function Remote Operations
  • Selectable AC and DC Power Input
  • Supports all Configurations of the AN/PRC-148 (MBITR and JTRS Enhanced MBITR, JEM) and PRC6809

* Additional frequency spacing and/or antenna spacing may be required for use above 88 MHz.