Michael Sheehan, CEO

President and Chief Executive Officer

Michael Sheehan


Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Brian Miller

Glenn_Parker wht

Chief Operating Officer

Glen E. Parker

Gary Kidwell

Vice President, Communication Systems

Gary Kidwell

Chris Beauparlant

Vice President, System Solutions

Chris Beauparlant

Steve Noel

Vice President, Satcom Solutions

Steve Noel

Jim Geraghty

Vice President, Visionix

James D. Geraghty

Lloyd Mitchell

President, Thales Trusted Cyber Technologies

Lloyd Mitchell

Michael Carnovale

President and CEO,
Advanced Acoustic Concepts

Michael J. Carnovale

AaronBrosnan wht

President, Tampa Microwave

Aaron Brosnan

Doug_Bishop wht

Vice President, Engineering

Doug Bishop


Vice President of Human Resources and Ethics Officer

Stacey Bostock

Jeff Detwiler

Vice President, Program Management

Jeff Detwiler

Melissa Borzone

Vice President, Contracts, Legal & Trade Compliance

Melissa Borzone

GaryWilliams-HS - White

Vice President, Manufacturing and Operations

Gary Williams

Curtis Chappell

Corporate Security Officer and
Vice President of Security

Curtis Chappell

Phil Rice

Chief Information Officer and
Vice President of Facilities Operations

Phillip Rice